Pro-paddlewheel Aerator

Pro-paddlewheel Aerator

  • Doublt Speed Surge Aerator

    Doublt Speed Surge Aerator

    The main function: POWER SAVE AS THE PLANETARY GEAR MOTOR DESIGN Circulating water up and down Acceleratingoxygen at the bottom Stabilizing water temperature Decompusing harmful substances Stabilizing algal facies and PH value   ltem No. Power/Phase Aerator Area Voltage/ Frequency Efficiency (kgs/h) oxygent (kgs/h) Noise dB(A) 40HQ   MWD-1.5 2HP/3PH 5-8 220-440v/ 50Hz 2.2 9 ≤78 120   MWD-1.5 2HP/3PH 5-8 220-440/ 60Hz 2.2 9 ≤78 120   MWD-2.2 ...
  • Paddlewheel Aerator Prom-4-12l

    Paddlewheel Aerator Prom-4-12l

    Pro-series   PROM-1-2L

    1. Mashow paddlewheel aerator based on our professional and rich experience in design, after-re-engineered the traditional paddlewheel aerators by upgradeing their power. The high-efficiency of our paddlewheel aerators aims for saving electricity bill noticeably.
    2. Effective oxygention,increase the survival rate of the cultured animals, brandnew design of spare parts,easy assembly and long service life.
    3.Strong water flow,faster oxygenation and save power.
    4.Higher oxygen transfer rate and aeration efficiency.