Paddlewheel Aerator Prom-3-8L

Paddlewheel Aerator Prom-3-8L

Paddlewheel Aerator Prom-3-8L

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Paddlewheel aerator for Aqua
Aireador de Paletas for Aqua
kincir tambak udang

1. Mashow 8 paddlewheel aerator is for big size farm, advanced motor able to run machine powerful .
2. Effective oxygention,increase the survival rate of the cultured animals, brand new design of spare parts,easy assembly and long service life.
3.Strong water flow,faster oxygenation and save power.
4.Higher oxygen transfer rate and aeration efficiency.

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Description Item No. Std Oxygen Transfer Rate Std Aeration Efficiency Noise  DB(A) Power: Voltage: Frequency: Motor Speed: Reducer Rate: Pole INS.Class Amp Ing.Protection
8 Paddlewheel Aerator PROM-3-8L ≧5.4 ≧1.5 ≦78 3hp 220v-440v 50hz / 60hz 1440 / 1760  RPM/Min 1:14 / 1:16 4 F 40℃ IP55


Item No. Power Impeller Float Voltage Frequency Motor Speed Gearbox Rate 20GP/40HQ
PROM-1-2L  1hp 2 2 220v-440v 50hz 1440 r/min 1:14 79 / 192
60hz 1760 r/min 1:17
PROM-2-4L 2hp 4 3 220v-440v 50hz 1440 r/min 1:14 54 / 132
60hz 1760 r/min 1:17
PROM-3-6L 3hp 6 3 220v-440v 50hz 1440 r/min 1:14 41 / 100
60hz 1760 r/min 1:17
PROM-3-6L 3hp 6 4 220v-440v 50hz 1440 r/min 1:14 39 / 96
60hz 1760 r/min 1:17
PROM-3-8L 3hp 8 4 220v-440v 50hz 1440 r/min 1:14 35 / 85
60hz 1760 r/min 1:17
PROM-4-12L 4hp 12 6 220v-440v 50hz 1440 r/min 1:14
60hz 1760 r/min 1:17

performance index

The performance indicators of the paddle-wheel aerator mainly include

Aeration volume: that is, the amount of oxygen that can be provided by the aerator per unit of time, generally calculated by the volume of gas inhaled by the aerator inlet per unit of time, the commonly used unit is L/min or m3/h.

Dissolved oxygen efficiency: that is, the proportion of dissolved oxygen content in water can be increased under unit energy consumption, usually expressed in percentage.

Power consumption: that is, the electric energy or fuel consumed by the aerator at work, usually in kilowatt hours or kilojoules.

Noise: i.e. the noise level generated by the aerator at work, usually expressed in decibels.

Reliability: That is, the degree to which the aerator works stably and has a low failure rate, usually measured by mean time between failures (MTBF).


Paddle-wheel aerators are used in a wide range of applications in various countries, especially in the fields of wastewater treatment, aquariums and farms. The following are applications in some countries.

China: Paddle-wheel aerators are very commonly used in China, especially in the field of sewage treatment, and are widely used in urban sewage treatment plants, rural sewage treatment stations, etc.

United States: In the United States, paddle-wheel aerators are widely used in wastewater treatment plants and are commonly used in facilities such as aeration basins and activated sludge reactors.

Japan: Paddle-wheel aerators are also widely used in Japan's wastewater treatment, especially in small-scale wastewater treatment facilities such as home sewage treatment systems.

Germany: In Germany, paddle-wheel aerators are widely used in aquariums and farms, among others, to provide sufficient oxygen for fish and aquatic plants and animals.

In addition to the countries mentioned above, paddle-wheel aerators are widely used worldwide as a simple, efficient aeration device that can help improve the quality of water bodies and protect the environment.


Description: FLOATS
Material: 100% new HDPE material
Made of high density HDPE, one-piece design with superior heat-resistant and impact-resistant capability.

Description: IMPELLER
Material: 100% new PP material
One-piece design with fortified structure made of non-recycled polyproylene material, plus with the fully copper core struture, which makes the paddle sturdy, tough, impact-resistant, and less prone to fracture.
Forward-tilting paddle design boost the paddle’s propelling ability, splashes more water sparkles and genertes stronger current.
8-pcs-vane paddle design is more superior than 6-pcs-design of a stainless steel paddle and allows more frequent splashes and better DO supply.

Material: Rubber and 304#stainless steel
High grade stainless frame have the advantage on rust-anti.
Rim supported stainless hub offers a good support on the force.
Thick rubber is as sturdy and tough as that of a tire.

Description: MOTOR COVER
Material: 100% new HDPL material
Made of high density HDPE, protect motor from the weather changing. With an outlet hole, give the heat dissipation to motor

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