Paddlewheel Aerator Prom-3-6L

Paddlewheel Aerator Prom-3-6L

Paddlewheel Aerator Prom-3-6L

Short Description:

Paddlewheel aerator for Aqua
Aireador de Paletas for Aqua
kincir tambak udang

1. Mashow paddlewheel aerator based on our professional and rich experience in design, after-re-engineered the traditional paddlewheel aerators by upgradeing their power. The high-efficiency of our paddlewheel aerators aims for saving electricity bill noticeably.
2. Effective oxygention,increase the survival rate of the cultured animals, brandnew design of spare parts,easy assembly and long service life.
3.Strong water flow,faster oxygenation and save power.
4.Higher oxygen transfer rate and aeration efficiency.

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Description Item No. Std Oxygen Transfer Rate Std Aeration Efficiency Noise  DB(A) Power: Voltage: Frequency: Motor Speed: Reducer Rate: Pole INS.Class Amp Ing.Protection
6 Paddlewheel Aerator PROM-3-6L ≧4.5 ≧1.5 ≦78 3hp 220v-440v 50hz / 60hz 1440 / 1760  RPM/Min 1:14 / 1:16 4 F 40℃ IP55


Item No. Power Impeller Float Voltage Frequency Motor Speed Gearbox Rate 20GP/40HQ
PROM-1-2L  1hp 2 2 220v-440v 50hz 1440 r/min 1:14 79 / 192
60hz 1760 r/min 1:17
PROM-2-4L 2hp 4 3 220v-440v 50hz 1440 r/min 1:14 54 / 132
60hz 1760 r/min 1:17
PROM-3-6L 3hp 6 3 220v-440v 50hz 1440 r/min 1:14 41 / 100
60hz 1760 r/min 1:17
PROM-3-6L 3hp 6 4 220v-440v 50hz 1440 r/min 1:14 39 / 96
60hz 1760 r/min 1:17
PROM-3-8L 3hp 8 4 220v-440v 50hz 1440 r/min 1:14 35 / 85
60hz 1760 r/min 1:17
PROM-4-12L 4hp 12 6 220v-440v 50hz 1440 r/min 1:14
60hz 1760 r/min 1:17

Product Description

When the motor starts running, impellers will rotate and touche water surface, it will press air into water and therefore increase some oxygen in water.

The most importance is working impellers can make sufficient water splash and strong water current. Large amount of splash will take air into water and enrich obviously dissolved oxygen in water. Meantime, water waves and current will eliminate harmful substances like ammounia, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, etc out of water and finally clean water.

All brand new materials produced components to make sure our customers receive high quality items. It can be used both on freshwater and seawater.

Main Features

1.High efficiency and saving over 20% electric energy than traditional models.
2.Mechanical seal is available to against oil leak pollution.
3.Built-in protector is available to avoid motor being burnt accidentally.
4.The floating boat produced by us is made of good engineering plastic HDPE. It has great buoyancy and high strength.
5.The impeller is made of New PP. The spoke and vane is shaped with plastic only one time.
6.The flexible gearing is fixed by the stainless wheel bolt.
7.Easy installation and maintenance.
8.Stainless steel frame is sturdy with no deformation and high durability.


Description FLOATS
Material: 100% new HDPE  material ,
 a Made of high density HDPE, one-piece design with superior heat-resistant and impact-resistant capability.
Description IMPELLER
Material : 100% new PP  material
 a . One-piece design with fortified structure made of non-recycled polyproylene material, plus with the fully copper core struture,  which makes the paddle sturdy, tough, impact-resistant, and less prone  to fracture.
. Forward-tilting paddle design boost the paddle’s propelling ability, splashes more water sparkles and genertes stronger current.
. 8-pcs-vane paddle design is more superior than 6-pcs-design of a stainless steel paddle and allows more frequent splashes and better DO supply.
Material: Rubber and 304#stainless steel
 a . High grade stainless frame have the advantage on rust-anti.
.Rim supported stainless hub offers a good support on the force.
. Thick rubber is as sturdy and tough as that of a tire.
Description MOTOR COVER
Material : 100% new  HDPL  material
 a Made of high density HDPE, protect motor from the weather changing.  With an outlet hole, give the heat dissipation to motor,

Our items have national accreditation requirements for qualified, high quality products, affordable value, was welcomed by people today all over the world. Our goods will continue to enhance within the order and look forward to cooperation with you, Should any of these products be of interest to you, please let us know. We are going to be content to offer you a quotation up on receipt of your detailed needs.

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