Floating Aerator 3.0KW/ 2.2KW / 1.5KW / 1.1 KW

Floating Aerator 3.0KW/ 2.2KW / 1.5KW / 1.1 KW

Floating Aerator 3.0KW/ 2.2KW / 1.5KW / 1.1 KW

Short Description:

*High Durablity , Strong Quality, Long life, Anti acid-base.

*High dissolved oxygen,Bala nce Water Temperature, Clean Water,Strong Water flow.

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Product description

Item No.  Power Voltage Frequency Max.Head ≥M Max.Flow ≥M Efficiency Inner Dlameter mm(inch)
MF-3.0  3.0KW 220-440V 50HZ 5 100 49 150(6 inch)
MF-2.2 2.2KW 220-440V 50HZ 4 65 46 100(4 inch)
MF-1.5  1.5KW 220-440V 50HZ 6 30 47.5 80(3 inch)
MFD-1.1  1.1KW 220-440V 50HZ 7 30 48.9 80(3 inch)

* Pls check the spare parts leaflet for detailed specifications

1 machine, Multi Function


Key Feature

Description: Spray Head
Material: 100% new ABS material
ABS material for a more strong and reliable usages

Description: Floats
Material: 100% new PP material
Thick PP material, anti-aging, can be in water for long time.

Description: Spray Head
Material: ABS and 304#stainless steel
304 screw for anti-rust. and adjustble for the spray volume.

Description: Impeller
Material: 100% new ABS material
ABS with better balance on the flexible and strongness, can make the motor cooling system working durability.

Description: BOTTOM
Material: 100% new ABS material
Screen design, can stop the water plant enter into, ensure the water inlet working well.


How many units of paddlewheel aerators to be used in the shrimp ponds ?
1. According to the stocking density :
1HP should be used 8 units in one HA pond if the stocking is 30 pcs / square meter.
2. According to the harvesting tons :
If the harvest expected is 4 Tons per HA should be installed in the pond 4 units of 2hp paddle wheel aerators ; the other words  is 1 Ton / 1 unit.

How to maintain the paddlewheel aerator ?
1. After each harvest, sand off and brush away the rust on the surface of motor and repaint it.  This is to prevent corrosion and enhance heat dissipation.
2. Make sure the voltage is stable and normal when the machine is in operation.  This is to prolong the life of motor.

1. Replace gear lubrication oil after the machine being used for the first 360 hours and once every other 3,600 hours later.  This is to reduce the friction and prolong the life of reducer.  Gear oil #50 is being used and standard capacity is 1.2 liters. ( 1 gallon = 3.8 liters )
2. Maintain surface of the reducer as that of motor.

Clean off the fouling organisms on the floaters after each harvest.  This is to maintain the normal submergance depth and optimal oxygenation.

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